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The Home of Quality: We are the only place you need to design, build and fulfill your property dreams

At MSR HOMES, we do not look at buildings as lifeless structures. Homes are far more than just bricks and mortar. They are where memories are made, where youngsters grow into adults and where you and your loved ones should feel more relaxed than anywhere else in the world. So that is why our passion is making sure that we turn buildings into real ‘homes’. But we cannot do that all by ourselves and at MSR HOMES we have quality contacts in every single aspect of the building trade so you don’t need to look anywhere else to bring your property dreams to life..
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Modern Construction & Home Improvement Services

Whether you need a new home or just want to renovate it, MSR Homes is here to help. With years of experience in home improvement and construction services in Essex, we help our clients to get their dream houses. 

Our bespoke building renovation services not only enhance the aesthetics but ensure a sustainable structure within a budget price. We build, design, and renovate your homes to keep you worry-free all year round. Based in Essex, our project managers can visualize your imagination through sketches and give it a real look within the quickest time. 

Our house builders are well-trained. They have high-quality tools and ensure hassle-free home improvement & building renovation services. We cover small to large constructions and work both for commercial residential projects. Our house building services are designed to keep the costs minimum while using the materials for premium looks. The houses we build, renovate, or refurbish are energy-efficient, sustainable, and give you the comfort you need. 

Working alongside a team of high-performing engineers, designers, and site managers, we are the best home improvement company in Essex. Besides, our building renovation services are second to none in quality. 

Therefore, if you are willing to embark on a home renovation before it’s too late contact us today. We’ll take care of your houses as our own leaving nothing behind except for quality that comforts, aesthetics that please. 

With our reliable home building and improvement services, you’ll get everything fixed before anyone notices. No matter if it’s your porch, garage, driveways, extensions, or even tiny windows and doors, we have experts for all. Our home improvement services ensure exterior’s aesthetics and interior’s luxury as you deserve. Be it for a simple solar panel attachment or the whole boiler insulation, consult our bespoke construction services Essex to get amazed anytime, every time.

Our Services

Why do you need regular home improvement and maintenance services?

Mostly for seasonal influence, however, there are certain events when you need home refurbishments. Besides, regular maintenance ensures comfort and safety for you and your loved ones. Not to mention its cost-effectiveness before your small house problems cause accidents and break your bank.  

Regular home improvement & renovation services are helpful in the following ways —

  1. 1. Ensures the safety of your house
  2. 2. Makes it more energy efficient
  3. 3. Gives you peace of mind
  4. 4. Keeps the look fresh
  5. 5. Allows you to keep it tidy 
  6. 6. Ensures comfort 
  7. 7. Saves you from hassles unwanted
  8. 8. Keeps you protected from seasonal turbulences
  9. 9. Keeps the paste and insects out of it
  10. 10. Attracts more buyers in case you want to sell it
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Our Projects

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  • Carpentry
  • Cladding
  • Fencing
  • Flooring
  • Groundworks
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing & CH
  • Scaffolding
  • Tiling
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